The Breitling Navitimer replica grew to become renowned for its mixture of chronograph and slide-rule bezel, even though it wasn’t Breitlings first to mix these functions it grew to become popular and it was employed by both professional and military pilots because of it as being a flight tool able to make calculations for any flight plan and offering a variety of inflight calculations. While using Navitimer pilots could calculate fuel consumption, rates of ascent, descent, average speed or converting distances. It can also be accustomed to determine forex rates, helpful when ever the pilot arrived at their destination. The name “Navitimer” is a mix of the language Navigationa and Timer.

Breitlings Navitimer replica watch rarely is in surpassed his or her most well-known watch, and despite various modifications through the years its continued to be much the same in design towards the original.

Some individuals will don't have any use for that slide rule function and also, since cockpits went digital its application for pilots declined. It can nonetheless be useful to pilots though because they do still need learn how to make the kind of analogue flight calculations the replica Navitimer provides though in situation of cockpit electronics failure.